Service Valet Program

service valet

The Service Valet Program (pick-up and delivery) is complimentary for Volkswagen owners. Those who will benefit the most are especially the elderly, immune compromised, along with health care workers, essential (front line) workers and (single) parents with kids at home. With this, customers should remain protected and mobile, in the COVID-19 climate. After all, in these uncertain times, being safe is the number one priority under the "People First" promise.

The Volkswagen Valet program can provide a new and great customer experience in these uncertain times. With complimentary pick-up and delivery of your vehicle, you can schedule your appointment today and get your vehicle serviced without ever leaving your home or office. Take advantage of our new Contactless Valet Service!



  • Customer is offered/requests Valet Service.
  • Dealer schedules pick up window with the customer.



  • Dealer confirms pick up window in the morning of appointment.
  • Drivers contacts customer when leaving dealership with approximate arrival time.
  • Driver contact customer when they arrive and sanitizes customer car and installs protective covers.



  • Advisor completes walk around on customer vehicle and contacts the customer with results and confirms work to be completed.
  • Service Manager or approved delegate signs release order.
  • Dealer completes work following the Service Core Process.



  • Advisor contacts customer to confirm work has been completed and arranges for mobile payment and confirms drop off window.
  • Driver contacts customer when leaving dealership and provide approximate delivery time.
  • Driver Sanitizes customer car upon arriving at the drop off location and leaves keys as per the customers instructions.
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    IMPORTANT: You can easily remove your consent at any time!